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Established in late 2009s, “Bir Dünýä” has quickly become a market leader within its industry, provi- -ding an unbeatable combination of efficiency & reliability to companies, who demand the best from their suppliers. Our loyal client base has grown to rely upon our impressive service levels. Bir Dünýä” has quickly become a market leader within its industry, providing an unbeatable combination of efficiency & reliability to companies, who demand the best from their suppliers.
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On December 12th our people celebrate the Day of Neutrality of Turkmenistan. Therefore our company have a day-off.

Our services

Safe & Convinient

We are pioneers of overland transportation in Turkmenistan.


We closely work with major airline companies.


Our Company maintains long-term contractual relationships.


“Bir Dünýa” Rail Freight is the best choice for your business needs.


Most efficient combination of multiple transport modes.


Most experienced carrier in moving oversized cargo.


We possess excellent history on delivering goods.


Dangerous and hazardous goods require special attention.

OUR Logistic Solutions

Smart & Resources-saving

When our experts take a load, they move the load.


We will carry out all aspects of freight delivery.


We use local expertise to understand Customs regulations.


Customized Logistics of Cotton


Customized Logistics of Sulfur


We’ll coordinate your truckload shipments every step.


“Bir Dünýä” can act as your trusted 3PL partner.


We offer opportunity to integrate technology into their supply chain.


“Bir Dünýä” provides dedicated and shared warehousing.

Our Company

Producer of FIBCs in Turkmenistan
Big Bags
Transportation of local raw material produces such as wheat, cement and petrochemical products gave birth to huge demand in Big Bags.
“Bir Dünýä” aims to supply the local and regional markets with Consumer End Bags in the coming years and meet the requirements of cement.

Our Logistics
Main Industries

we successfully operate in 7 industries and look to expand even


The construction industry of Turkmenistan has been booming since early 2000s. The emergence of first high rise residential buildings across capital city Ashgabat and technologically advanced factories in all counties of Turkmenistan gave new lifeline to construction industry; which meant more demand for logistics.

Most of the construction industry of the country is supplied with materials from Europe, Turkey, Persian Gulf and China. As a single point of contact we manage the whole supply chain through our vast network overseas, strong management procedures and reliable fleet.

Our process delivers leadership, strategy, talent, data, engineering, and technology that provide our clients with an optimized solution focused on cost, service, business intelligence, and efficiency.


Turkmenistan’s agriculture has always been one of its key industries that drove economy. Turkmenistan is well known for its high quality cotton and textile products. Transportation of cotton and other fibrous goods is considered as one of our main transportation businesses. This kind of transportation is implemented only by specialized transport facilities according to the acting regulations.

“Bir Dünýä” greatly experienced on transportation of as raw cotton as well as processed cotton. Based on long-term experience in this area our company is firm to declare about its irreproachable abilities to carry out cotton delivery to directions and in any volumes.

Our new trucking division and assets are a great complement to “Bir Dünýä”, providing additional capacity that clients can count on. We buy brand new trucks and trailers and turn over our fleet every 3 years, which means more reliable equipment that translates to less downtime and higher on-time percentage.


Petrochemical industry is another main driver of local economy in Turkmenistan with rich reserves in Lebap and Mary region. “Bir Dünýä” provides integrated logistics solutions to this industry by combining the technical know-how on Sulfur handling and transportation. “Bir Dünýä” has rich experiences on warehousing such materials and managing container terminal operations in Turkmenistan and neighbor countries.

Our task is to provide logistics solutions in terms of the procurement of raw materials, management of packaging lines, warehouses, and the transport of materials to various destinations in East Asia and Europe, all in accordance to the highest international standards.

“Bir Dünýä” is also one of few companies who is licensed to handle transportation of petrochemical materials. “Bir Dünýä” is a SGS certified company that follows all H&S standards.


In the last 25 years, since its independence Turkmenistan has seen a huge demand in automotive of foreign produce including heavy equipment and public transport. With the rise of the construction sector, this industry grew in an unprecedented pace.

With decades of experience working with leading automakers such as Hyundai and Zeppelin and other industry drivers from around the globe, we can help you reduce your costs and the lead time for deliveries.

Our expertise in CIS and Gulf region and transportation management facilitates working closely with imports and exports of cross-border shipments with international suppliers.


Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals is an important industry for Turkmenistan as the country has been steadily upgrading its medical centres and hospitals for decades. The country in partnership with experienced multinational companies have restructured their medical system and increased the number of beds dedicated for patients with chronic diseases.

“Bir Dünýä” takes an important role in these new exciting and important developments in the country and actively participating in all relevant tenders for transportation of medical equipment. We understand how important product quality and on time management chain of these projects are in the healthcare industry.

Our goal is to help our clients be on top of their projects and be equipped with the right medical products at the right time as per schedule. We optimize efficiency in order management and delivery operations, enabling our clients to deliver the best service while decreasing operational costs.


Turkmenistan is home of vast reserves of natural resources in oil and gas. The main exporters of oil and gas goods are China, Iran, and Russia and CIS countries. As a leading transportation company, “Bir Dünýä” has been working successfully in the market of delivery of dangerous and hazardous goods and offers services on delivering of oil products, petrochemicals and liquefied gas in the Region of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea pool, Persian Gulf and other countries.

Availability of own base vehicles  helps “Bir Dünýä” to carry out transportation of oil products, petrochemicals and liquefied gas and other dangerous goods observing all the norms and under the control of technological specialist. It allows us to ensure our clients not to concern about safety and quality of freight delivery.

These services are carried out with the most reasonable cost in the region. Tens of our clients are saving significant amount of money applying to us and ordering freight delivery within our company. Our target is to deliver hazardous good qualitatively and fast.


“Bir Dünýä” offers integrated supply chain solutions via its network of strategically located partners across the CIS and Gulf region. As a market leader of this region, we provide cost-effective, high quality, consolidated chilled transport & distribution of Food and Drinks to Turkmenistan.

Thanks to our specialists in this field and hands on experience, every day we help our food and beverage customers solve the supply and delivery challenges unique to daily staples like fresh meat.

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