“Bir Dünýä”  will  make  every  effort  to  ensure  that  all  employees  are  treated  with  courtesy,  dignity  and  respectirrespective of gender, race, religion, nationality, colour, disability, age or marital status.

Our aim is to eliminate all bias and unlawful discrimination in relation to job applicants, employees, our business partners and members of the public.

This is supported by the “Bir Dünýä” Values.

We share honestly what we know, both good and bad. Being  straightforward,  communicating  with  honesty,  listening  to  each  other,  building  trust  with  our customers and suppliers is our core policy.

We work as one and working together to deliver the best outcome for our customers, respecting the capabilities of everyone involved. We stand together. We aim at respecting each other’s needs and being reliable and supportive.

Everyone has a role to play and is responsible for challenging questionable behaviour and practice which is not in line with our values and culture.

Our objectives

  • To have  a  workforce  that  represents  and  responds  to  the  diversity  of  our  customers  and  society  in
  • To improve safety and quality provided by a balanced and productive workforce.
  • To reduce staff turnover, absenteeism and sickness levels.
  • To provide a fair working environment in which discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • To create a working environment free from discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying.
  • To work towards finding ways for under represented groups to fully realise their potential within “Bir Dünýä” and take reasonable steps to help such groups.
  • To ensure that all employees are aware of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy and provided with any necessary ongoing training to enable them to meet their responsibilities under it.
  • “Bir Dünýä” recognises the merits of developing a workforce that incorporates the many diverse skills and backgrounds available  from  within  the  total  population  and  accordingly,  will  strive  to  become  an organisation that recognises, values and understands diversity and provides its employees with genuine opportunities to improve and reach their full potential.
  • To ensure  that  all  applicants  are  treated  fairly  during  recruitment  processes  and  in  accordance  with relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.
  • To regularly review procedures and selection criteria for promotion to ensure that individuals are selected and treated according to their relevant individual abilities and merits.