A variety of textile products are manufactured in Turkmenistan, like   jeans, terry towels, bed clothing. There are a lot of countries where you can see Turkmenistan textiles: satin of different sizes and colors, denim and jeans, Turkmen carpets of wool and natural silk, goods with the brand “Made in Turkmenistan”.

From 70 to 80% of the country’s textile production is exported to European Union, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Baltic states and many other countries.

Company “Bir Dunya” provides transportation services of textile and textile products. Our company offers freight forwarding services to delivery various types of textile products: textile raw materials, semi-finished products, ready-made products, etc.

We provide any type of textile products transportation through air, sea container freight and road freight.

We integrate our years of experience with our experienced team and offer follow up, clearance, transportation of the goods, to the producers and exporters in our country with the best prices available in a highly competitive textile transportation and clearance.

Our Specialists will get your products to end-users on time and in perfect condition – maximizing your revenue.

Experienced staff of “Bir Dunya” will develop the optimum shipment delivery solution, in accordance with all wishes and requirements of the customer.