Our target is to provide complex services for all our clients: To provide qualified and on time freight delivery
means an ability to provide
an integrated, single-source logistics solution from the point of manufacture through delivery
to the final customer.

You apply to “Bir Dünýä” and we will carry out all aspects of freight delivery which includes:

•  Range of services provide benefits across the entire supply chain;
•  Preparation of all necessary documents for delivery;
•  Getting permissions for delivery;
•  Allotment of specialized techniques;
•  Concurrence of transportation;
•  Providing of all stevedoring works;
•  Providing specialized technical assets.

And we don’t stop here. We keep close contact with all our clients and provide them with after sales service which includes lots of follow up and cost analysis. We always ask for feedback on each project and use the data acquired
to continuously improve our services. We not only care about our deliverables but we also act as a partner to our
clients and offer financial services as well as strategic consultancy to help clients run their businesses successfully.
We are not just a logistics company. We are partners from the very start till the end.