Our teams are experts in freight logistics and can figure out the most efficient, cost-effective way to ship your products, whether it be by truck, train, boat, or a combination of the three. Our contract logistics is second to none and matches high benchmark criteria.

When our experts take a load, they move the load. It doesn’t matter how difficult it becomes or what issues arise, your shipment will get there. Other freight brokers will often bail if they decide the load is too hard to cover, but we make it happen, even if we lose money.

“Bir Dünýä” is committed to its customers from start to finish. We don’t have different people to handle each step of the process, we have managers who contact you, find a responsible driver with the proper equipment, schedule the pickup, take care of any special arrangements such as an escort service for oversized loads, check in with the driver during transit, and ensure the load is delivered in a safe and timely manner.