Export of cotton products and textile is an area that Turkmenistan places a huge emphasis on. Turkmenistan is among countries that is well known for high quality cotton yarns and remains as top producers of cotton products in the region. Turkmenistan produces over 1 million tons of cotton and exports almost half of it to textile producing countries in Far East Asia and Europe.

Since cotton remains the number one in the fashion and clothing industry to this very day, logistics of it to these countries is as important as producing it. And as such, “Bir Dünýä” with its high caliber logistics professional provides wide range of services on top of brokerage such as handling, sampling and weighing of the natural commodity. We work with SGS on quality control procedures and are certified for quality management. We are also member of ICA and proudly represent the organization and its standards in this region.

Following pick-up from factories and delivery to our loading points we ensure best storage and punctual further delivery to the textile industry of our clients and partners overseas. In the last 15 years in this business, we have gained a lot of invaluable experience with the commodity of textiles, yarns and fibres. Depending on your and/or your end users’ requirements, our company can assume responsibility for all logistics issues and provide you with customized solution. We cover all supply chain from the pick-up, transport, storage, processing to yarn sorting.

Our key benefits:

•  Extensive experience in export processing
•  Storage, sampling, weighing and sorting quality
•  Document management
•  On time delivery
•  Cooperation with international shipping partners
•  Multi skilled workforce
•  Quality inspections
•  After sales consulting and guidance
•  Troubleshooting and responsiveness to emergency cases