Extraction and export of sulfur is one of the main Turkmen petrochemical industry’s activities and the capacity of work exceeds 500,000 tons per annum. Turkmenistan strives to maintain the highest level of workers’ safety and the security of facilities in Lebap and Mary regions. The country partners and works with Chinese government backed companies in this industry and has been successful in both plants in Samandepe and Yoloten.

“Bir Dünýä”’s goal in this industry is safe and efficient transportation of sulfur by road, rail, inland waterway, or ocean-going marine vessel via Bandar Abbas port. We mainly transport sulfur to China and other Far East Asia countries where agriculture is the main source of employment.

Sulfur is a critical plant nutrient in agriculture and remains as a key ingredient in sustainable urban development. Countries such as India and China have advanced significantly in agriculture over the last couple of decades and their crop yields have risen dramatically. Having said that, although China has become sufficient, or nearly so in nitrogen and phosphorus production, it still looks overseas and Turkmenistan in particular to imports to satisfy its potassium requirements and is now recognizing just how important sulfur as a fertilizer can be.

We are happy to partner with Petrochina in this field and proudly provide all aspects of transportation services to our clients.

Our key benefits:

  • On site presence in Samandepe and Yoloten facilities
  • Own equipment on site to perform wide range of tasks
  • Experience in storage, sampling, weighing and sorting
  • Management of export documents
  • H&S procedures and standards in handling transportation
  • Cooperation with international shipping partners
  • Multi skilled workforce
  • Quality inspections
  • After sales consulting and guidance
  • Troubleshooting and responsiveness to emergency cases