Turkmenbashi port was found in late 1896 and is located at the east coast of the Caspian Sea. It is an important sea gate that connects a number of geopolitically routes in the region and serves as the main trading gate for Turkmenistan.

The country’s main export/import cargo, transit cargo from neighbor countries, oil and oil products from Turkmenbashi complex, industrial and building equipment from overseas are all transported through Turkmenbashi port. The port is fully equipped with necessary cranes and meets all international standards. The main freight movement transported routes are:

–  Turkmenbashi port – ports Astrakhan and Olya (Russian Federation);
–  Turkmenbashi port – port Baku (Azerbaijan)
–  Turkmenbashi port – ports Enzeli, Nowshahr, Amirabad (Iran)
–  Turkmenbashi port – port Aktau (Kazakhstan)

“Bir Dünýä” with years of experience under its belt, plays an important role at this sea port of Turkmenbashi. Our strategically located office within the port itself, and experienced brokers and custom clearance agents makes us easy to reach for our clients and very responsive to all unexpected situations. We have provided brokerage services with vessels and exporters/importers for the last 15 years and are proud to be regarded as one of the key service providers at this port.

With “Bir Dünýä”, what our clients get is what makes us leaders. Mobility, responsiveness, flexibility and trustworthiness are key values of our staff and “Bir Dünýä” as a brand has met all expectations of its clients so far.

Our key benefits:

•  Experienced brokers and responsive on field agents
•  Well maintained fleet
•  Networking ability with international partners
•  Vast range of warehousing services
•  Custom clearance experience of variety of goods
•  On time troubleshooting