Bir Dunya provides a full range of logistics and transport services supporting international cargo transportation by road. Cargo transportation by trucks remains very popular irrespective of market conditions. The high demand for truck transportation is caused by multiple factors. Trucks can make time-efficient deliveries 24 hours a day regardless of port, railway station, and airport operating schedules. Trucks can follow flexible transportation routes thanks to well-developed automobile road networks across all of Eurasia. Modern GPS navigation systems and GLONASS mounted on trucks assists with safety monitoring. In many cases, trucks are the most cost-effective form of transport. Bir Dunya organizes and provides intercity and international truck transport in such a way that clients can enjoy all its benefits. Our specialists analyze individual customer’s needs and cargo characteristics and develop optimal transportation routes in Europe, the CIS, the Baltics, the Balkans and Central Asia. Bir Dunya ensures the timely delivery of any goods regardless of distance. Due to productive cooperation with international transport companies we offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.

Bir Dunya organizes and performs road cargo transportation of any goods, including:

  • transportation of dangerous goods;
  • perishables;
  • piece;
  • bulk and liquid cargo;
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) and groupage cargoes
  • heavyweight and oversized cargo

Transportation of certain categories of goods is performed with adherence to certain safety rules. Disregard of these rules can cause damage to transport vehicle, accompanying cargoes, threats life and health of other members of road traffic. In particular, special permit obtaining is required to perform transportation of hazardous goods by truck. Transportation by road of oversized goods is impossible without obtaining of special permit and preliminary route approval by authorized state bodies. Bir Dunya closely follows changes in internal Russian and international legal regulation of road cargo transportation. Due to this fact our specialists provide secure and timely delivery considering characteristics of each specific cargo.

Special trucks are used to transport cargo by road. Bir Dunya uses its own truck fleet and partners with transport companies. Cooperation with latter helps meet required delivery terms for any cargo type, ensure the safety of goods, and optimize costs. Vehicles include closed all-metal trucks, tented trucks, refrigerators, low-tonnage trucks, rolling stock, and semitrailers of various cubic capacity, among others. The wide capabilities of the truck fleet allows the carriage of goods of any volume, from one pallet to multi-tonnage batches. Bir Dunya specialists develop both monomodal and multimodal shipping arrangements using air, sea, rail and road transport

  • Cargo road transportation within Europe, including the Balkans and Scandinavia
  • Road cargo transportation within Russia
  • International cargo road transportation within the CIS
  • Freight road transportation between Europe and the CIS
  • Cargo road transportation between Europe and the Caucasus
  • Cargo road transportation between Europe and Central Europe
  1. Door-to-door international road cargo transportation, including delivery of goods to the places of loading and unloading.
  2. Transport route development, risk analysis, and re-routing in case of force majeur.
  3. Goods delivery strictly in compliance with defined location and time parameters.
  4. Urgent deliveries.
  5. Goods safety control and online location tracking.
  6. Shipping and customs documentation arrangement.
  7. All Risks cargo insurance for road transport.
    Bir Dunya has over 8 years’ experience in operating air cargo shipping. During this time, our company has learned the specifics of various industries and operational best practices to provide each client with efficient solutions for their needs.
  2. BROAD GEOGRAPHIC REACHBir Dunya has developed a wide network of offices in European and CIS countries. Our employees are multi-lingual and are always at clients’ disposal regardless of their location or time zone.
    Bir Dunya specialists organize the efficient delivery of goods regardless of their type and size. Our company offers international transportation of dangerous cargo as well as transportation groupage, Full Truck Load, bulk and liquid cargo.
    Bir Dunya organizes cargo road transport with its own fleet as well as with reliable service suppliers. We cooperate with our transport partners on the basis of long-term contracts that ensure high results regardless of market situation. Bir Dunya transport partners have all necessary licenses, permits, and carrier’s liability insurance.
    Our comprehensive door-to-door cargo delivery services include supervision, weighing, labeling, and ensuring package integrity.
    We provide safe, innovative, and efficient services that meet the requirements of international law. Our group policy with IRU (Switzerland) covers cargo for €100,000 per insured event.

The regulation of road cargo transportation covers of a number of national and international legal issues, including road transportation terms, carrier licensing, vehicle requirements, special rules for certain types of cargo, customs procedures, and carrier liability, among others. There is a broad range of laws and norms in Europe regulating transportation by road. Alongside local laws, several international conventions have legal force, including the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets (also known as the TIR Convention), and the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. The Bir Dunya legal department not only ensures compliance with all rules set by national and international law but also takes full responsibility for arranging all required cargo and customs documents.