Nowadays, air transportation is the most promising direction of international shipment delivery. Air service or (air transportation) is a mode of transporting goods by aircraft. It is a convenient, fast, safe, and sometimes the only way to transport goods for long distances.

Transportation Company “Bir Dunya” has been working on the market of air freight services since 2009. We develop the most profitable and effective solutions with relations to the time and delivery cost. Air freight is a product category where predominantly use the air way, and we offer an exceptionally well-organized service through our airlines partners. We closely cooperate with the major airlines that fly to Turkmenistan and out of Turkmenistan.

Practically any type of cargo can be accommodated by modern aircraft. Transportation of some categories of cargo is to be performed with adherence to special safety rules. Disregarding these rules can cause damage to aircraft and accompanying cargoes and endanger the safety of the aircrew. In particular, hazardous substances require special treatment depending on the threat level. Airfreight of dangerous goods is regulated by numerous international and local legal acts which classify cargo depending on its source of danger and regulate its transport terms, including cargo packaging, marking, and fastening. Execution of relevant rules ensures the incident-free air shipment of perishables, oversized and heavyweight goods, and chemical materials. Airfreight transportation of some chemicals and substances is not allowed. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) prohibits some toxic, flammable and corrosive substances on board cargo aircraft. Bir Dunya closely follows changes in Russian law as well as international legal regulations concerning airfreight. In this way, our specialists provide secure and timely delivery taking into account the specific characteristics of each particular cargo.


Air cargo transportation in Europe and beyond is performed by special cargo aircraft. Our experienced specialists help select specially adapted aircraft matched to clients’ needs and cargo characteristics. Bir Dunya specialists develop both monomodal and multimodal shipping arrangements using air, sea, rail and road transport.

  1. LONG EXPERIENCE Bir Dunya has over 20 years experience in operating air cargo shipping.During this time, our company has learned the specifics of various industries and operational best practices,to provide each client with efficient solutions for their needs.
  2. COMPLETERELI ABILITY Our comprehensive door-to-door cargo delivery services include supervision, weighing, labeling, and ensuring package integrity.
  3. OPTIMIZED LOGISTICS CHAINSWe organize transport throughout the territories of Europe, the Baltics, the CIS, the Balkans, Central Asia, China and the Middle East using road, maritime and rail transport.
  4. ADMINISTRATIVE EXCELLENCE Our experienced specialists handle all necessary shipping documents depending on cargo characteristics.
  5. CUSTOMS ASSISTANCE We support customs clearance at the airports of departure and arrival.
  6. MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION ARRANGEMENTS Bir Dunya not only arranges air cargo transportation but also offers shipping by other means to the Baltics, Europe, the CIS, the Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East and China.
  7. 24/7 SUPPORT

To provide full transparency and real-time updates, our support desk operates 24/7/365. Reach us by phone at +99312 210725 or by e-mail at

  • Cargo airfreight intra-EU, including Scandinavia
  • Cargo airfreight between the EU and the Balkans, the CIS, and the Russian Far East
  • Cargo airfreight between the EU, the Balkans, and the Caucasus
  • Cargo airfreight between the EU, the Balkans, and Central Asia
  • Cargo airfreight between the EU, the CIS and China
  • Cargo airfreight between the EU, the CIS and Southeast Asia
  • Cargo airfreight between the EU, the CIS and the United States
  1. Local pickup from the shipper with transport to the airport of departure;
  2. Organization of air transportation by regular and charter flights;
  3. Shipper representation at airports of departure and destination;
  4. Air cargo storage and handling in modern warehouses;
  5. Registration of all necessary accompanying paperwork such as customs documentation;
  6. Tracking and tracing of cargo throughout all stages of transportation;
  7. Last-mile delivery from the arrival airport to the receiver;
  8. Charter flights;
  9. Door-to-door international air cargo shipping.

We have formed an Aerospace project team to ensure the highest standards of service and meet the individual needs of our customers in the industry. Our aerospace and aviation customers often have time-sensitive requirements for unique aircraft components or critical spare parts, which now account for more than a half of the shipments we complete on their behalf. Currently, we are the only International Freight Forwarders Association Aerospace Logistic Group member present in the CIS. Our participation in this network allows us to provide our aerospace and aviation customers with the most reliable service at the best prices.

Bir Dunya On-Board Courier service was developed for our customers requiring time-critical, door-to-door cargo delivery with minimal clearance delays at departure and arrival terminals around the globe.