“Door-to-door delivery” mainly known as (“door-to-door”) –is a cargo transportation from shipper’s warehouse to consignee’s warehouse, with all related services.


Generally, given type of delivery is multimodal, as you have to deliver the goods by sea, rail, aircraft, and transport to warehouse by road.


Transportation company undertakes all responsibilities refer delivery: you have dealings with customs authorities, documentations, and human aspects.

In this case there is no necessity  for  customer  to arrange every step of delivery, and at the same times know where

From the customer there is no need to personally organize every stage of delivery, but he has a clear concept on what stage the shipment is.

The additional advantage of door to door delivery  is that the customer pays just for one service – “delivery door to door”, and not for a set of small services, which totally will cost much more. Usually invoice to customer issues for the total amount of the service, although, if desired, you can detail them into separate items.

Door-to-door delivery services include:

delivery goods from the shipper’s  to the port or to the airport

loading of goods

customs clearance and obtaining the permits

freight forwarding

delivery goods to consignee’s warehouse

execution of all requires documents

during the route

The benefit of this service is that it includes a full range of services, from trucks suppling, delivery to place and finalizing with cargo insurance.

Just make a request to our company, and all the rest will be done by our experienced specialists and coordinated with you.