This service is new in Turkmenistan and we regard our professional team as pioneers in this sector. Since a lot of foreign companies introduce themselves to the market, movement of personnel and personal items have risen to a dramatic level.

What we do best is that we pack your items with at most care at your offices at your convenient time. We travel around not only in capital Ashgabat, but we also pick items from difficult to reach locations such as oil rings and on site offices in Garagum desert. We give same importance to our clients in countryside and in Ashgabat. We so no difference between our deliveries for embassy personnel in capital and oil ring technicians in desert.

We plan the route as reliable and directly as possible and deliver the item to the destination airport, and of course handle all customs requirements. We know the critical importance of each shipment we receive.

Our key benefits:

  • Competitive Pricing compared to international service providers
  • Free preliminary quotes
  • On time delivery
  • Priority schedules for emergency cases
  • Personal care and individual attention
  • International networks