“Bir Dünýa” Rail Freight is the best choice when you need to move single wagons, wagon groups or complete trains.

The right rolling stock is available for every type of freight: low-bed wagons for heavy or bulky goods; sliding-wall, high-capacity wagons or open flatcars for large consignments; tank wagons for liquid products; silo wagons for granular products.

Value-added services include truck transfer from terminal to train and in reverse, and transport of chemicals with special safety provisions. We offer this in Turkmenbashy port and it makes our clients’ shipments cost effective and very fast.

Benefits Include:

  • High level of expertise that will help to speed up the process and provide you with knowledgeable and tested options, customized for your business;
  • Outstanding quality and reliability to ensure that your consignment arrives on time and in good condition;
  • Wide choice of transport equipment to give you the flexibility and options you might need to meet your customers’ requests;
  • Efficient handling of all customs formalities.

Modern railway transport is equipped good enough to take on board nearly all types of cargo, including:

  • Piece cargo. Piece cargo is transported in closed wagons or in containers. Cargo loading can be performed manually or mechanically by using special tools.
  • Oversized and heavyweight cargo. Oversized and heavyweight cargo is carried using open cars, special-adapted transporters or platforms. Loading is performed by using special crane.
  • Bulk cargo. Bulk cargo is carried in flat or open-top wagons. Loading is performed without cargo fastening and laying.
  • Dangerous goods railroad transportation requires adherence to special rules, regulating marking, packaging, safety signs applying. Dangerous goods are transported in special adapted containers depending on what hazard class specific cargo belongs to. Bir Dunya closely follows changes in internal Russian and international legal regulation of railroad cargo transportation. Due to this fact our specialists provide secure and timely delivery considering characteristics of each specific cargo.


Special cargo trains and railway containers of various modifications are used to perform cargo transportation by railway. Our experienced specialists help to select special adapted transport depending on client’s needs and cargo characteristics. Bir Dunya  specialists develop both mono-modal and multimodal transportation arrangements using air, sea, railway and road transport.

  • Railway freight transportation in Europe, including the Balkans
  • Rail cargo transportation in the CIS
  • Railway transportation in Russia, including remote regions
  • Railway cargo transportation between Europe and the Caucasus
  • Rail transportation services between Europe and Central Asia
  • Railway transportation of goods between China, Europe, and the CIS
  • Railway cargo transportation between Mongolia, Europe, and the CIS
  1. Transportation of cars, vehicles and machines, and railway transportation of oversized goods in purpose-adapted wagons.
  2. Transportation of perishables by rail.
  3. Maintenance of certain temperature maintenance with special refrigerated vans as well as isothermic thermo-wagons.
  4. Carriage of bulk light-weight cargoes with volumes over 120 m3.
  5. Usage of high-speed trains and transportation of goods over long distances at higher, “passenger” speeds.
    Bir Dunya has over 8 years’ experience in operating air cargo shipping. During this time, our company has learned the specifics of various industries and operational best practices to provide each client with efficient solutions for their needs.
  2. BROAD GEOGRAPHIC REACHBir Dunya  has developed a wide network of offices in 16 European and CIS countries. Our employees are multi-lingual and are always at clients’ disposal regardless of their location or time zone.
    Experienced Bir Dunya specialists provide a full range of services from one logistics operator: transportation, customs clearance, insurance, warehousing, consulting, and project logistics, among other offerings. In addition to offices operating in 16 countries, Bir Dunya has 8 in-house customs agencies.
    Bir Dunya arranges transportation of goods not only by railway but also via other means to the Baltics, Europe, the CIS, the Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East, and China.