The construction industry of Turkmenistan has been booming since early 2000s. The emergence of first high rise residential buildings across capital city Ashgabat and technologically advanced factories in all counties of Turkmenistan gave new lifeline to construction industry; which meant more demand for logistics.

Most of the construction industry of the country is supplied with materials from Europe, Turkey, Persian Gulf and China. As a single point of contact we manage the whole supply chain through our vast network overseas, strong management procedures and reliable fleet.

Our process delivers leadership, strategy, talent, data, engineering, and technology that provide our clients with an optimized solution focused on cost, service, business intelligence, and efficiency.

Our key benefits:

  • Reliable and effective coordination with vendors/suppliers
  • JIT technique for loading, delivering & unloading
  • Reduction of logistics costs via our network of warehouses
  • Reduction of risk via our insurance policy
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions (Euro 4/Euro 5 Trucks)
  • Detailed performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Real-time status of all projects through our GPS systems

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