Memorial Day

Dear Valued Customers,
Due to the 6 of October is a Memorial Day – Day of Commemoration and National Mourning (commemorating the victims of the 1948 earthquake that destroyed Ashgabat). Our office will be closed on the 6 October, 2017,  and will resume the work on October 7, 2017.

Bir Dunya and V Asian Indoor and Marital Arts Games.

Ashgabat, everywhere the atmosphere of joyfulness, because everybody is preparing for the largest in the history of Central Asian multi-sport competitions, where will be attended by more than 6,000 athletes from 65 delegations to compete in 21 sports. Turkmenistan will be held V Asian Indoor and Marital Arts Games for the first time. Ashgabat is the first in the Central Asian hosts the V Asian Games. A little time left before V Asian Games. The closer the V Asia Games, the more active attention is paid to the preparation of the capital and the Olympic town for this major event.
Company “Bir Dunya” successfully carried out organization of cargo delivery (food staffs) refer catering project on V Asian Indoor and Marital Arts Games by arranging the charter flight with further reloading to specialized trailers and delivery to the door. An air charter service has a specifically differences from the other types of air transportation. The main peculiarity is that air charter transportation doesn’t systematically performed, aircraft used for one trip or severally, for freight forwarding one lot of cargo.
Experienced staff of company “Bir Dunya” also provide multi-modal transportation for the V Asian Games.

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