Bir Dunya provides a full range of logistics and transport services supporting multimodal – also known as combined – cargo transportation. Multimodal transportation of goods, unlike monomodal transportation, involves the usage of two or more road, air, sea, or rail modes of transport. Multimodal transport arrangements support the selection of the most flexible and efficient transportation routes, cuts transportation costs, “connects” geographically remote dispatch and destination points, and achieves high delivery speeds. The so-called multimodal transportation operator is contracted to oversee all aspects of delivery. Such an arrangement lowers the bureaucratic burden on the shipment consignor. Bir Dunya  organizes and provides multimodal transportation in such a way that clients can enjoy all its benefits. Our specialists analyze individual customer’s needs and cargo characteristics and develop optimal transportation routes in Europe, CIS, Baltics, Balkans and Middle Asia. Bir Dunya provides timely delivery of any goods regardless of distance. Thanks to productive cooperation with international transport companies, we offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.

Multimodal transportation combines the advantages of multiple transport modes. Combined transport is suitable for the following types of cargo:

  • Heavyweight goods;
  • Oversized goods;
  • Low-density lightweight goods;
  • Bulk and liquid cargo;
  • Piece cargo;
  • Groupage and Full Truck Load cargo;
  • Dangerous goods, including 1st class ADR goods;

Each type of the above-mentioned cargo has specific characteristics requiring special treatment. Transportation of all cargo types is regulated by rules at the national and international level. Such rules define special transportation procedures depending on a good’s characteristics. In particular, perishables, liquid, and oversized goods are not to be shipped in standard containers. The multimodal full-container-load (FCL) transportation of such goods requires special packing in modified containers such as refrigerators, tank containers, and “open top” containers. The combined less-than-container-load (LCL) carriage of small batches of lightweight or low-volume goods is performed in a group with other consignments. Multimodal carriage of dangerous and oversized goods is performed on the basis of special permits and is subject to multiple legal regulations. Bir Dunya closely follows all changes in Russian law and international legal regulations concerning all types of cargo transportation. Our specialists can therefore provide secure and timely delivery taking into account the specific characteristics of each particular cargo.

Multimodal shipping is performed by air, sea, rail and road transportation. Our experienced specialists help select specially adapted transport and efficiently combine the advantages of multiple transport modes depending on a client’s needs and cargo specifics.

  1. Multimodal transportation in Europe, including the Balkans
  2. Multimodal (intermodal) transportation in the CIS, including remote regions of Russia
  3. Multimodal (intermodal) transportation between Europe and the CIS
  4. Multimodal (intermodal) transportation between Europe and the Caucasus
  5. Multimodal (intermodal) transportation between Europe and the Middle East
  6. Multimodal (intermodal) transportation between China, Europe and the CIS
  7. Multimodal (intermodal) transportation between Mongolia, Europe and the CIS
  1. Door-to-door international multimodal transportation.
  2. Coordination and management of all parties involved in the multimodal cargo transportation process, including carriers, customs agents and warehouses.
  3. Cargo location and safety control and timely delivery insurance.
  4. Arrangement and performance of cargo loading/unloading and transshipment services.
  5. Shipping and customs documentation arrangement.
  6. Cargo processing, storage and transshipment at ports.
  1. LONG EXPERIENCEBir Dunya has over 20 years’ experience in operating air cargo shipping. During this time, our company has learned the specifics of various industries and operational best practices to provide each client with efficient solutions for their needs.
  2. BROAD GEOGRAPH IC REACHBir Dunya has developed a wide network of offices in 16 European and CIS countries. Our employees are multi-lingual and are always at clients’ disposal regardless of their location or time zone.
    Experienced Bir Dunya specialists provide a full range of services from one logistics operator: transportation, customs clearance, insurance, warehousing, consulting, and project logistics, among other logistics services. In addition to offices operating in 16 countries, Bir Dunya has 8 in-house customs agencies.
    Bir Dunya arranges transportation of goods not only by railway but also by other means to the Baltics, Europe, the CIS, the Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East, and China.
    Bir Dun ya employees take into account client’s requirements forto delivery timing and costs. They and analyze cargo characteristics before, selecting appropriate transportation arrangements and purpose-adapted transport.

The legal regulation of multimodal transport is complicated by a lack of widely accepted international conventions and unifying norms as well as a large number of legal acts regulating each separate transport mode. Our employees consider all aspects and norms of multimodal transport regulations, ensure their application, and take full responsibility for arranging all required documentation regarding shipping, waybills, customs declaration, and so forth.