Turkmenistan’s agriculture has always been one of its key industries that drove economy. Transportation of agricultural goods is considered as one of our main transportation businesses. This kind of transportation is implemented only by specialized transport facilities according to the acting regulations.

“Bir Dünýä” greatly experienced on transportation of agricultural goods. Based on long-term experience in this area our company is firm to declare about its irreproachable abilities to carry out cotton delivery to directions and in any volumes.

Our new trucking division and assets are a great complement to “Bir Dünýä”, providing additional capacity that clients can count on. We buy brand new trucks and trailers and turn over our fleet every 3 years, which means more reliable equipment that translates to less downtime and higher on-time percentage.

Our key benefits:

  • Hands on experience with local public entities
  • Proficient handling of all export documents
  • On time pick up of goods and correct application of packaging
  • Reduction of logistics costs via our network of warehouses
  • Reduction of risk via our insurance policy
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions (Euro 4/Euro 5 Trucks)
  • Detailed performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Real-time status of all projects through our GPS systems