End Consumer Bags

“Bir Dünýä” aims to supply the local and regional markets with Consumer End Bags in the coming years and meet the requirements of cement and wheat producers. Turkmenistan and neighbor countries are active producers of cement and agricultural products and we wish to produce a smaller in size polypropylene (50kg-100 kg) bags for easy loading/unloading and transportation of cement and wheat. “Bir Dünýä” also plans to penetrate fertilizers market with this produce. With our quality machinery and equipment, high quality and strong sacks will be provided that lasts longer, proves as cost effective solution and serve as a recyclable material.

With the current experience of producing Big Bags, we are confident that our slow and careful penetration to the Consumer End Bags market will bring us extra success and good return on investment.

We will provide our clients with:

  • Ability to design their preferred bags
  • Access to production facilities and monitoring
  • Real time project updates and reports
  • In house storage facilities
  • Deliveries within the country in our own fleet
  • Consulting and training on the use of products
  • Inspection on quality
  • After sales consulting