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Established in 2009, “Bir Dunya” has quickly become a market leader within its industry, providing an unbeatable combination of efficiency and reliability to companies, who demand the best from their suppliers. Our loyal client base has grown to rely upon our impressive service levels. Relatively for short period of time our company has learnt all the secrets of achieving success in this lively important sphere of economy.

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Producer of FIBCs in Turkmenistan

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers


“Bir Dünýä” is the first private producer of FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) in Turkmenistan and we are proud to present you of our new factory just outside capital city Ashgabat.

Bir Dünýä” in partnership with Austrian company Starlinger is equipped with the modest and high tech production line and ready to provide its clients with customized solutions to fit their requirements. We have a lot of in house R&D, inspection and quality testing works going on to ensure that our clients get the quality end product and get on with their business with peace in mind.We produce Big Bags from Turkmen polypropylene and conduct testing as per EFIBCA norms and standards. All yarns produced in house are tested in our laboratory and only then processed and used in sewing.

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