Transportation of local raw material produces such as wheat, cement and petrochemical products gave birth to huge demand in Big Bags. For years, the country imported such FIBCs for transportation purposes from overseas and only recently minimized it via active production of Big Bags and other containers in Turkmenbashi complex.

However, the increase in demand never stopped and has risen dramatically with the increase in production of sulfur in Samandepe and Yoloten.
With our new factory for Big Bags production, we aim to provide our partners and clients in petrochemical and agricultural industries with 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly big bags. And with our partner Starlinger’s huge success in the market, we are confident that we can provide high outputs and quality products at a cost effective price.

Our key benefits:

• World class machinery and equipment
• In house R&D and testing
• Fully equipped laboratory
• Well trained and supervised workforce
• In house storage facilities
• Project deliverables on tight deadlines
• Flexible payment terms
• Project performance reports
• Full transparency on production process
• After sales consulting

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