“Bir Dunya” took part in National exhibition of Turkmenistan in Tashkent

The national exhibition of Turkmenistan has opened in Tashkent on the occasion of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s state visit to Uzbekistan. The economic exhibition has been organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan jointly with the National Exhibition Company “Uzexpocenter” with the view of enhancing mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.
The exhibition demonstrates the achievements and prospects for development of the Turkmen economy, its investment and export potential. The exhibition presents such branches of Turkmenistan’s national economy as oil and gas, heavy industry, construction industry, transport and communications, agriculture, chemical, textile and food industries, carpet weaving, medicine, science and education, as well as culture, sports and tourism.
The national exhibition of Turkmenistan aroused great interest among representatives of the Uzbek state-owned organizations and businesses, serving as an efficient platform for promotion of Turkmenistan’s commodities to the foreign markets.
“Bir Dunya” took part in this event, where visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with samples of our products – bulky polypropylene containers (big-bag , FIBC), as well as freight-forwarding services.

170 tonns from Turkmenbashy to Tobolsk

Transportation of oversized cargo for “Renaissance Heavy industries” LLC. “Bir Dunya” successfully perform transportation of oversized cargo – 5 pieces of off-road cranes, to Tobolsk city for Renaissance Heavy Industries LLC. Our company used our own fleet of trailers for this transportation. Transportation of such non-general cargo by road is a difficult task, considering the weight, oversized dimensions and conditions. Transportation route: Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) – Tobolsk (Russian Federation) Cargo weight: more than 170 tons

Bir Dunya took a part in the Turkmen-Tadjik business forum.

Company “Bir Dunya” took part in the Turkmen-Tadjik business forum which is confined to the official visit of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the Republic of Tajikistan, which took place on the 1 November at the National Library of Tajikistan.
Negotiations were between government institution and private business sector of the two countries, where were discussed the issues of expansion of mutually beneficial partnership.

“Bir Dunya” took a part in the VII Central Asia Trade Forum

Company “Bir Dunya” took a part in the seventh annual Central Asian Trade Forum “Future Growth: Trade, Transport, and Horticulture” in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on October 18-19, 2017. This form was organized by USAID.
The Forum had been attended by more than 500 delegates, CEOs, representatives of public sector and industry experts from Central Asia, Asia and Europe.
The two-day trade forum was established in order to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the horticultural and transportation-logistics sectors with the aim of strengthening the competitive position in the world trade and create new jobs in the region.
We were glad to participate in such event.
Our company would like to expresses our gratitude for the hosting and successful organization of such a significant event!

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